Covid-19 New Statement from President Solinas

Through the new ordinance no. 27 of 2 June 2020, the President of Sardinia Christian Solinas has made known the procedures for entering the region.

On the maritime routes already available, there will be a gradual restoration of air connections to and from Sardinia (for now the only ones available are from Rome and Milan) by 13 June.
From 25 June, on the other hand, all international maritime and air connections are expected to reopen.

Let’s see what are the conditions to be able to reach the island.


No type of preventive swab or serological test is required, as previously hypothesized, but a self-declaration consisting of a very short questionnaire will be required, which will be submitted exclusively by electronic means from the site of the Sardinia region in the relevant section “New Coronavirus” by clicking here. (In case you experience some issues we can help with it)
A dedicated app called “Sardegna sicura” will also be available on the  stores for the related iOS and Android operating systems, with which you can register before boarding.
Each passenger must present a copy of the registration receipt together with the boarding pass and a valid identity document.


Due to the growth of infections, new provisions were added on 12 September, a brief summary below:

  • Starting from September 14, all passengers intending to enter the regional territory, coming from abroad and / or from the national territory, are invited to present 48h upon boarding, the result of a test – serological (IgG and IgM) or molecular (RNA) or rapid Antigenic – performed no later than 48 hours after departure. (the provision does not apply to those traveling for work, health and belonging to constitutional and functional bodies)
  • From September 14th, those who leave without the test above, agree to be subjected to a swab at the local health company within 48 hours of arrival.
  • Wearing masks in closed places and with risk of crowding, extends to 24h